Patriot Children Episode Two A Bee In Her Bonnet


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It is a sad state of affairs when a society becomes so warped, deranged, and unbalanced – that hardened criminals, blatant lawbreakers, illegal aliens, war-faring insurgents, corrupt political malefactors, radical reprobates, traitors, demon worshipers, and all other conspirators against God and humanity are welcomed into their midst. This is the main reason that Johnathan William Patriot, decided to pack up his family and leave the sanctuary state of California – with some of his friends. Marlene Hargesheimer fabricated some uniquely-designed pioneer bonnets for herself and each female member of the Wagon Train. Six wagons and nine or ten homemade bonnets created an emotional stir in the hearts and minds of many observers – and inspired a resurgence of hope in the American Dream. Voyagers on the Modern Conestoga Wagon Train could hear a helicopter passing overhead. They had no idea, whatsoever, that this one little helicopter could make an impact which would change the course of their lives – forever.

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