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As one of the founders of French Impressionist painting, and one of the world’s most famous painters, Monet’s works fill the halls of the most frequented and esteemed museums across the world-from waterlilies to haystacks. The author of Monet’s Palate Cookbook and the writer and producer of the PBS documentary Monet’s Palate, Aileen Bordman has always been surrounded by the influence and beauty of Monet’s work. With direct access to Giverny through her mother, one of the stewards of the Giverny estate, and the head gardener, this book transports the reader to Monet’s garden at Giverny-the third most visited site in France-in simple prose, beautiful photography, and how-to graphics. In EVERYDAY MONET, Aileen pulls from the impressions, the history, the palettes, and designs of Monet’s gardens and paintings to encapsulate a home and lifestyle inspired by Monet. This book gives the reader step-by-step instructions and photographs on how to grow a garden like Monet, preserve a waterlily inside your home, decorate a dining room table or a bathroom inspired by Monet’s aesthetic, and prepare foods that inspire your inner-Impressionist to bring a bit of Monet into your life and home. Filled with stunning photography-from the gardens of Giverny to the streets of Normandy-and images of Monet’s most famous paintings, this book is not only a keepsake for those who love Monet, but also a practical guide to finding ways to implement Monet’s beautiful designs into your home and garden, whether you live next to sprawling grass or in a city high-rise.

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