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A book of drawings in the pattern of sacred geometry is hereby presented to the world. The drawings use the circle, triangle, square, hexagram, and octagon, as well as the spiral moving upward toward the sky and down toward the earth. These drawings have beauty and form, but also incorporate language, music, movement, and show dimensionality. Using only your fingers on intersections of lines will put you into the grid and introduce you to what that drawing has to offer. Each one has different energy and dimensionality, and, if you allow, it will take you places in this world and other worlds, other dimensions, or farther away universes. It can give you answers-or more questions-or begin synchronicities within your life to further your growth back to the Source. “To some, lines and shapes make geometric designs. Channeling her guides, Donna has brought forth sacred artwork that raises vibration, balances energy, opens gateways and portals, and heals on a multidimensional level. Connecting with these symbols creates a vibration that I have not experienced before.” -Matthew Pierce, IT consultant “This book is a sacred geometry masterpiece. I can feel the energy in the images and love working with them. I remember the day we held a healing arts fair at my Center. The holistic practitioners were playing with these images and sharing their experiences. They were sharing how they could feel the power and healing energy coming from the images. It was an extraordinary day at the Center. This is a book you must have if you are a Holistic Practitioner or interested in working with higher vibration energy and want to become aware of other dimensions.” –Joy Kauf, owner, Miracles of Joy metaphysical store and Spiritual Center.

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