Around the World in 1909 – Harriet White Fisher and Her Locomobile


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In the summer of 1909, an emotionally and physically exhausted industrialist from New Jersey named Harriet White Fisher sought tonic by touring the world in a motorcar. She purchased a state-of-the art Locomobile and embarked on a remarkable journey with her driver, maid, butler and dog, exploring places where no man, woman or domesticated house pet had ever ventured.
Whether camping in the wild or relaxing at the posh palaces of royal families, this brave band of unlikely travelers met new challenges on each day of their trip. Called the Anvil Queen, Iron Woman, Princess from the Land of Promise, A Lady of Great Consequence, and the Female Napoleon, /it> wherever she went, Harriet and her loyal entourage captured the curiosity and imagination of a fascinated public, attracting legions of fans and friends and opening the minds, hearts and highways on four continents.

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